Escape to freedom

Multi-branch Retail

Want to connect your branches or franchises and use resources more efficiently?

Grow your revenue

  • Set up new or virtual branches instantly by adding phone numbers and users to your system, when it suits you.
  • On sell phone services to your franchisees.
  • Minimize investment in procurement and training by using one phone system across all branches.

Put all your outlets on the same phone system

  • Redirect calls to head office or a centralised sales team if staff in the shop are busy, regardless of what number was called.
  • Keep phone numbers and call flows separate, but share resources with inter-company call overflow and disaster recovery when needed. 
  • Distribute calls to freecall numbers around the country based on call origination or role-based IVR.
  • IVRs can route calls to centralised departments or individual branches.
  • Branches can call each other for free simply by dialing an extension number, wherever they are. This goes for transferring calls too.

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“Conversant services and systems are extremely cost effective but, even better than that, we are able to access and deploy new functionalities, services and solutions not available for any money in the traditional telecom environment."

James Heyward, Making Movies