Take your calls anywhere

Accommodation and Aged Care

Unused lines and huge telco bills can be things of the past

Don’t spend a fortune on unnecessary phone lines

  • It turns out you don’t need a phone line for each room. With 5 inbound lines on each phone number, and unlimited outbound lines, Conversant can slash your phone bill.
  • No contracts, and scalability up or down means you can switch off users and save on your PBX bill in the off season.
  • Add inbound lines when demand increases, and cancel them at any time, when it suits you and not your telco.

Cheaper marketing

  • Set up local numbers in foreign countries that send calls to your PBX for free.
  • Unlimited inbound lines mean your toll free number will never be engaged.
  • Save money with great VoIP rates for inbound calls to your freecall number.
  • Set up multiple phone numbers for a couple of dollars and track advertising performance.

Increase revenue

  • Integrate our cloud PBX platform with your hotel management system for real-time call logs.
  • Use smartphone apps to allow foreign guests to make cheap calls through your PBX from anywhere.
  • Bill residents for phone services for cheaper than they can get from normal telcos.



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"Conversant made the change as easy as possible, helping with the move from our previous telephone and email provider with the minimum of inconvenience."

Debbie Stevens, Nelson & Co