Big service, small price

Remote Staff?

Connect to all your staff seamlessly, wherever they are, by simply adding them as users on your Conversant cloud PBX.

Work from anywhere

Because your Conversant PBX service is in the cloud, users can connect to it from anywhere they have an internet connection. Your staff don’t need to be in the same building, or even in the same city (or country!).

  • Location-agnostic phones mean that you don’t need to know which office your staff are in, we’ll find them for you.
  • Staff can call each other for free simply by dialing an extension number, wherever they are. This goes for transferring calls too.
  • Calls made by staff in other locations all get billed to the company account, appear on call records, and can use the same advanced features such as call recording.
  • The correct caller ID will be shown from all staff phones.

No investment required

  • Set up an entire phone system in a remote location, building site or small branch simply by adding a user to your existing cloud PBX.
  • Give them a local number, transfer inbound calls to them from your existing number or use an IVR to distribute calls.
  • Overflow calls from remote locations back to head office or your call centre if they’re unattended.
  • Send unanswered calls from the branch across to head office in case of internet or local infrastructure failure at the branch.

Go mobile with a smart phone app

  • If staff are usually out of the office but have good mobile data coverage (3G or better), they can use an app on their smart phone to connect to their extension number.
  • Road warriors can take and make calls as if they were in the office, with no mobile call forwarding charges.
  • If staff need to work temporarily in different branches, they can either use their smartphone app or log into a spare phone on site with their existing extension number.

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“With Conversant we could replace our old, extortionately priced international free calling number, with local calling numbers in our overseas markets - for the token price of registering the number. Now overseas customers call us at their local calling rates, and we no longer wince when the bill arrives.”

Simon Lampen, Vinsight Software