Take your calls anywhere

Multiple locations?

Connecting staff in different offices to one another is what cloud PBX was built for. 

One system covers all your bases

Because your Conversant PBX service is in the cloud, users can connect to it from anywhere they have an internet connection. Offices across the country can all use the same PBX, with their own phone numbers, call flows and caller ID numbers.

  • Minimise investment in procurement and training by using one phone system across all branches.
  • Staff can call each other for free simply by dialing an extension number, wherever they are. This goes for transferring calls too.
  • Keep phone numbers and call flows separate, but share resources with inter-company call overflow and disaster recovery when needed. 
  • Distribute calls to freecall numbers around the country based on call origination or role-based IVR.

Moving staff around has never been easier

  • Staff can log in and out of phones in any office, making hot desking and temporary work assignments a breeze.
  • Call transfers and internal calls go to the same extension numbers, regardless of where staff are physically located.
  • Voicemail via email means messages will go to the right people every time.


Setting up or closing branches in a day

  • Add users and phone numbers to your existing cloud PBX when you open a new branch or office.
  • If you need to close an office, cancel the users and numbers at any time and watch the cost of the phone system disappear.
  • Keep any old numbers for as long as you need them, even if offices have been decommissioned.


We'd love to hear more about your business and how we can help you keep things humming. Get in touch via email or call us and we'd be happy to design a system made just for you. 


"I can make our phone system do everything we wanted and adapt it very easily with the click of a mouse"

Murray Thompson, Christians Against Poverty