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Doing business in New Zealand?

If you run a trans-Tasman business, we offer a cloud phone system and local offices for both your Australian and NZ operations.

Our presence in New Zealand

  • Conversant has equipment on the ground in New Zealand, which means we can deliver the same experience as a local PABX provider.
  • No prefix for local New Zealand calls.
  • Calls made within New Zealand, to New Zealand numbers or extensions, remain in New Zealand. They don’t transit through Australia. 
  • A local 0800 support line for New Zealand.


Why Conversant?

  • Scalable infrastructure: Give your Australian or New Zealand operation advanced PBX features whatever its size – for a small, per-user cost that can be scaled to any size at any time.

  • Local numbers: Conversant can provide local numbers anywhere in New Zealand, including 0800 numbers. We can also port any of your existing Australian or New Zealand numbers.
  • Disaster recovery: Calls to either your Australian or New Zealand number can be routed across the Tasman to the other location in the event of any issues with local infrastructure, such as an internet outage or natural disaster.
  • Call overflow: If lines at either the Australian or New Zealand operation are busy or overloaded, calls can be redirected to the other location.
  • Time zone management: Take advantage of the time difference between Australia and New Zealand to extend your operating hours with Conversant’s Time Conditions feature. Early morning calls to your Australian office can be forwarded to New Zealand, while evening calls to your New Zealand number can be routed to Australia. This enables you to provide sales and support to customers on both sides of the Tasman for longer each day.
  • Common experience: Having the same phone system on both sides of the Tasman makes it simpler to provide technical support and user training regardless of location, and allows hot-desking between both countries.
  • Flexible billing: Either location can be billed separately or together.
  • Convenience: A single providermakes admin and support easier.
  • Free unlimited calling: Calls between all staff, on either side of the Tasman are free – including conference calls.


  • If your New Zealand business gets too big, you can move them over to Conversant New Zealand, our Auckland-based business.
  • Get invoices in NZD and pay into an New Zealand account.
  • Local call rates to landline and mobile at even cheaper prices.
  • Same platform means that you can keep the common experience for easier technical support and staff transfers.




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"Conversant made the change as easy as possible, helping with the move from our previous telephone and email provider with the minimum of inconvenience."

Debbie Stevens, Nelson & Co