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Why integrate?

  • Businesses increasingly want to integrate their communications systems with their line-of-business applications.
  • This enables real-time communications to become part of their business process rather than an add-on. Although real-time communications have traditionally centred on phone calls, it has now also moved into other business applications, such as unified communications, and tools like instant messaging and even live web chats with customers.
  • Our system supports a range of application programming interfaces, or APIs, that form the building blocks making it possible for Conversant to integrate with other applications.
  • Conversant can integrate with any Telephony application programming interface (TAPI) compliant software, including Outlook and other systems, such as CRM applications. TAPI has been around since 1993 so many older applications will support it.
  • Click to call APIs offer the ability to interact with custom-built systems and web browsers to initiate calls.
  • Our APIs are RESTful APIs, which are APIs that adhere to the REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural constraints. This is the same technology used in web browsers and so is used widely and is what allows Conversant’s APIs to enable calling directly from web browsers or any other web-based applications.
  • Just like an API is way of one computer saying to another: “I want to do something”, a webhook is one computer saying to another: “I’ve just done something”.
  • With webhooks, our system tells the CRM when someone has made a call, answered one or hung up. This data can then be used to update CRM records with call logs or to have a window pop up on someone’s screen when their customer calls.
  • Have a look here for more details on how integrations work.

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The Conversant system has made everything a lot more flexible. It lets us run the business from anywhere – customers get their calls answered no matter where our people are.”

David O'Donoghue, Managing Director, Power Electronics