Cloud communications make your business fly!

C-Lite - Cloud PBX

An affordable phone system with business-class features and support

  • Conversant’s C-Lite phone system is a cheaper, smarter alternative to traditional PBX.
  • C-Lite is Conversant’s own cloud PABX service, offering some great PABX features for a small, per user fee. It’s a smarter way to connect with your customers, by avoiding investment in redundant technology, by giving you flexibility, scalability and access to advanced phone features, and at the same time cutting the cost of your phone service. That is, a continuously updated, cost-effective way of communicating with your customers.

  • In fact now you can add the entire phone service to the other functions moving away from the office and into the cloud. You no longer have to worry about investing in rapidly depreciating assets, missing out on the new opportunities offered by ICT, but can instead buy an outcome.

Key Features


Save money 

  • C-Lite is designed to be affordable. For just $15 per extension number per month you get all the features you need, with all maintenance and support costs included.


Portray a professional image

  • C-Lite makes it easy to ensure every call is professionally answered – by your reception staff or by a ‘virtual’ receptionist with a customised recorded message.
  • The ‘virtual’ receptionist directs callers to their chosen destination - perfect for when your receptionist is on another call, unavailable or off duty. Time conditions, heaps of inbound call capacity and voicemail via email mean that you’ll never miss out on an important call again.


Take and make your calls anywhere

  • Assign an extension number to each of your people, rather than to a physical phone. Our system will find their phones wherever they’ve been plugged in, or your team can easily tell the online system where they want their calls directed.
  • This lets your employees work from the office, from home, from different work sites, or on the road, whilst still taking and making calls through the virtual PBX phone system.


Catch all your calls

  • Unlike many traditional PABX systems, C-Lite has almost unlimited capacity so you can have extra phone lines whenever you want and will never have to worry about your customers getting an engaged tone.
  • Our unlimited supply of outbound trunks means that your staff can call out at any time, without having to wait for a free line.


Don’t get stuck with old technology

  • Why buy yesterday’s technology by investing in old hardware that’s difficult and expensive to upgrade, or that can’t even be upgraded?
  • Make the most of the rapidly evolving world of ICT by using a service that gets updated in the background as soon as new technology and services become available.


Disaster-proof reliability 

  • Our last survery showed that 80% of our customers thought call quality was very good or excellent. And our service may be MORE reliable than a traditional on-premise PBX, with local network issues not affecting the PBX itself.
  • Calls can easily be re-routed to mobile or other branches should you have any problems with your local infrastructure. Your other branches can also be used for call overflow should you receive an spike in inbound calling. That's built-in disaster recovery.


Business-grade support

  • There’s nothing worse than phones not working and not being able to get hold of anyone who can help.
  • Because we build the phone system, you can enjoy the renowned support that comes from being able to carry out real-time diagnosis and correction when necessary, without having to get a third party involved.

You’ll find C-Lite quick and easy to set up:

  • We’ll manage the transition for you.
  • You don’t need any special IT skills – just a broadband connection.
  • You can use traditional phones with adaptors, VoIP phones, software running on your computers or suitable mobile phones.
  • You can transfer your existing numbers or purchase as many phone numbers from us as you need – including local, national, free call and international numbers.
  • We’ll show you how easy it is to direct your calls and change your settings, then you’ll be able to easily manage C-Lite yourself through the Conversant website.

Find out more about how it works or sign up today with a 30-day money back guarantee. 


"C-lite is a cost effective alternative to replacing an on premise phone system. It is easy to maintain and to add or remove extensions when required"

Richard Johnstone, Cortell New Zealand